Registration Instructions

Email if you are having problems with the online registration process.

How to register

1. For each section (full conference, lunch tickets, cocktail party, paper proceedings and laboratories) click the “Add to Cart” button in the right column to add that option.

2. When you’re ready, click the “In the cart (View)” button to make changes and add additional registrations/tickets for each type. You can pay for more than one person by making changes in the cart.

IMPORTANT: Only one HVMA member may be added at the reduced member rate per registration. If you are also paying for another active HVMA member, they will need to log in with their credentials and register separately, or you can fill out the forms offline and send with a check or money order.

3. Click “Pay Now.” You’ll be prompted to fill out information for each person you are registering. We highly recommend you select “Yes” when asked to subscribe to conference updates and notifications, as this will be how we communicate schedule changes and other pertinent information before the conference.

4. Once you have answered the questions, click Overview.

5. Review the details and click Confirm and Continue to Paypal, then follow the directions. You can use a PayPal account or a credit card to complete payment. You will be returned to the confirmation page after you complete payment. PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL ONCE. Our site does not acknowledge when payment is made, so your Paypal receipt will serve as your confirmation.

6. Keep a copy of your registration page for your records. Each registrant will receive a confirmation email and instructions once the registration is processed (may take a few weeks), and the purchaser will receive a separate PayPal receipt by email.