Animal Welfare Symposium

CABI and UC Davis are offering 6 hours of CE credits for a one day animal welfare symposium on June 27, 2017. The symposium will be held at UC Davis, but remote attendance is also possible in webinar form. Topics will focus on the subject of animal behaviour problems and veterinary approaches to dealing with them. Further information available here:

New APHIS Travel Website & Important Information for Accredited DVMs

USDA APHIS announced the launch of a new pet travel website on July 18th.

See this factsheet for more information.

The new APHIS Pet Travel Website will be located at:

The site contains pet import, export, and interstate movement information for the following types of privately-owned companion animals:

Pet Birds
Hedgehogs/ tenrecs


The new website does not cover pets other than the types listed above nor does it cover movement of the above listed pet species intended for resale, commercial use, or research. Protocols for these shipments, when available, will remain on the IREGs. The IREGs will cross-reference the Pet Travel Website and the Pet Travel Website will cross-reference the IREGs.

A few key features of the site:

– Simple language approach with clearer headings, intuitive navigation, and bold graphics.

– New frequently asked questions and answers document

– A step-by-step checklist to help stakeholders better understand and prepare for international travel requirements

– Fillable health certificates for countries with known pet export requirements

– Pet import requirements including links to other agencies with (potential) regulatory authority over the import

– Detailed guidance documents on sending pets to select countries as well as importing pets into the U.S.

– An improved link to find APHIS’ closest Veterinary Services endorsement office

There are many country specific VEHCS-style HCs available. Please be aware that effective July 31st, APHIS VS will no longer endorse any documents not required by an importing country.


Here are the key points for clients:

o Effective July 31st, APHIS VS will no longer endorse any documents not required by an importing country.

o This includes, but may not be limited to, an APHIS 7001 requested by an airline but is not required by the importing country.

If an APHIS 7001 is used for a pet to gain entry into a foreign country OR there is no country-specific guidance available, APHIS VS will continue to endorse the APHIS 7001.

If the client does encounter a problem (even if it is resolved), please encourage them to send APHIS the following information:

o Airline

o Name of the desk agent

o Port

o Date

o Flight

If you have questions, or are not accredited by USDA to write health certificates and would like to be, you can contact:

Todd Carnes
National Veterinary Accreditation Program Coordinator
California, Hawaii, Nevada, Guam, Northern Marianas Islands, American Samoa
10365 Old Placerville Road #210
Sacramento, CA 95827
Todd.D.Carnes [at]