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  • I’m having trouble renewing or signing up.  We are taking renewals and new memberships through our website. If you haven’t already created an online account, you will be prompted to do so this year.  Contact us for assistance:
  • Is my membership current? All memberships expire on February 28th of the year following your most recent renewal. Once you’ve created an online account, you’ll be able to check your status by logging in and visiting your profile, then renew if needed with just a few clicks.
  • How do I get the newsletter? We are going digital with quarterly newsletters! You will be opted-in during the online registration process unless you choose to opt-out. Past issues can be found here.


  • I’m having trouble finding something. Most of the information you need should be accessible from the top menu. Hover over an item in the top menu in order to reveal the sub-items (on mobile devices, access these items by tapping once). If you still can’t find it, you can try a search using the search field in the right sidebar, or try looking at the sitemap.
  • The menu keeps changing when I visit. The menu options will be different when you are logged-in versus logged-out. For the most part, this means additional options are available to logged-in members, although some items appear in different places. The sitemap may be of help.
  • I can’t find where to post a job or classified ad. You must be logged in to see the menu options for creating jobs and classified postings, as these abilities are only available to current members. They are located under Member Resources>Careers and Member Resources>Classified Listings respectively. If your membership is current and you cannot access these features, please contact or with your ad details for assistance in creating a listing. Vendor reps wishing to post CE opportunities can contact for more information.
  • Why aren’t there more listings under “Find a Vet?” Current HVMA members who own a veterinary practice in Hawaii are welcome to add their listing. If you are a practice owner with an active membership, you can create, publish and manage your listing by accessing these options from the top menu while logged in. (Note that “Find a Vet” becomes “Member  Clinics” for logged-in members) If you know of a clinic that you think should be on our list, encourage them to post a listing.
  • Where’s the relief vet list? We are currently phasing out the relief vet list. Relief veterinarians are encouraged to join HVMA and post a customized ad that is publicly viewable under Classifieds. This ad is renewable every 6 months for free as long as your membership remains current. Check the Classifieds section to find available relief veterinarians.

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