Equine Medicine Track

Jeff Hall, DVM

Senior Veterinarian, Zoetis Equine Technical Services

Equine Leptospirosis:  Disease Overview, Risks, Economic Ramifications and Prevention.

A disease of worldwide distribution and zoonotic potential, equine leptospirosis is difficult to recognize and diagnose, but is responsible for serious and costly health problems, including acute renal failure, abortion in pregnant mares, and equine recurrent uveitis.  Learn about the new developments in this disease, how to diagnose it properly and what are our options for prevention.

Understanding the Equine Infections of Pigeon Fever and Strangles

Learn the common myths and misconceptions that complicate Pigeon Fever (Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis) and Strangles (Streptococcus equi Subspecies equi) infections in horses, and how best to manage them.

Equine Sedation and Pain Management

Develop a deeper understanding of the sedatives and pain medications that veterinarians use every day, how they work, and how best to optimize their effects.

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