Dermatology Track

Kenneth W. Kwochka, DVM, DACVD

Manager of Veterinary Services, Health and Wellness, North America
Bayer Animal Health

Topical Therapy for Infectious and Allergic Dermatoses

Topical therapy has become critically important in veterinary dermatology because of increasing antimicrobial resistance and recent information on the pathogenesis of canine atopic dermatitis.  This presentation will cover treatment recommendations for these and other dermatoses based on the current published evidence.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids in Veterinary Medicine: Mechanism of Action, Clinical Indications and Quality

For so long, fatty acids have been relegated to occasional use for things like skin and joint health.  This presentation will cover the multiple published clinical uses of fatty acids in dogs and cats, proper dosing based on the evidence, quality considerations and commercial product differences.

Diagnosis and Medical Management of Canine Otitis

A great deal of progress has been made in our approach to canine otitis over the past 10-15 years.  This presentation will review the approach to otitis externa and media concentrating heavily on products: indications, proper use, proper dosing, proper follow-up, long-term maintenance, etc.

What’s New? Key Clinical Updates for General Practice from the 8th World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology and Recent Dermatology Publications

In June of 2016 the 8th World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology was held in Bordeaux, France.  Here I’ll share with you the latest clinically relevant updates from the Congress for you and your patients to help practice better dermatology.

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